12/03/2014 - Only the Conservatives Can Deliver a Referendum


Ed Miliband has today effectively confirmed that if Labour are in government after the next election they will not give the British people a say on our membership of the European Union.

This admission shows that the only way to get an in-out referendum on Britains EU membership is by electing a Conservative government. Only the Conservatives can deliver real change in Europe.

Caroline Nokescommented:

Our relationship with Europe isnt working and it needs to change. David Cameron has set out a plan to seek a new settlement for Britain in Europe, andwillthenletthe British peopledecide inan in-out referendum by the end of 2017.

But today Ed Miliband has said that there wont be a referendum under Labour. The Liberal Democrats wont have one either and UKIP cant deliver on their promises.

Theres now no doubt that the only way people in Romsey and Southampton North can get a say on Britains membership of the EU is by voting Conservative.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

Today Ed Miliband has made his position crystal clear there will be no referendum under Labour. Only the Conservatives will guarantee and deliver that referendum. It will only happen if I am Prime Minister.


Notes to Editors

Labours policy:

No in-out EU referendum unless powers transfer to Brussels. A Labour government would enact an in-out referendum lock only if they wanted to give more power to Brussels. They admit that this is unlikely.

Conservatives action:

Committing to negotiating a fresh settlement and holding an in-out referendum before the end of 2017. If the Conservatives win the next election we will negotiate a new settlement in the EU. We will then hold an in-out referendum before the end of 2017 stay in the EU on these new terms, or come out.

Protecting Britain in Europe. We have already secured the first ever real terms cut in the EUs long-term Budget, ended UK participation in EU bailout mechanisms and vetoed a new EU fiscal treaty.

Introduced a referendum lock.We have already passed a law to make sure that no powers can pass from Britain to Brussels without the consent of the British people in a referendum.

Key Political Points:

Labour opposed our Referendum Lock when it was introduced. The Bill is unnecessary. It is a dogs breakfast during the Commons debate (Emma Reynolds, Shadow Europe Minister, Hansard, 25 January 2011, Col. 189).

Ed Miliband doesnt think the EU has too much power. Asked by the BBCs Politics Show whether Brussels had got too much power, Ed Miliband said: No, I dont think Brussels has got too much power (BBC, Politics Show, 23 October 2011).