22/4/2014 - Councillors Welcome Junction Improvements

Nursling and Rownhams and Romsey Extra Conservative Councillors have welcomed the improvements proposed by the Highways Agency for Junction3 on the M27 at Rownhams.

In a briefing for councillors on Tuesday (15.4.14) at Nursling Village Hall representatives of the Highways Agency outlined the proposed enhancements to the Motorway Junction for the M27 and M271.

The proposals are part of the Government motorway pinch point programme that was announced at the Conservative Party Conference in October 2012 and Junction 3 on the M27 had been identified as a junction with problems. In particular traffic coming from the east seeking to travel towards Southampton via the M271 was often held up on the westbound carriageway of the M27 at peak times.

Local councillors welcomed the improvements as far as they went and as a move in the right direction but urged the Highways Agency and Southampton City Council to address the more serious problems at the Redbridge Roundabout where the Motorway ended and traffic joined the city road network.

Local Parish Chairman Phil Bundy also asked the Highways Agency to give consideration to future commercial development at Adanac Park, whilst Councillor Ali Johnston reminded the Highways Agency representatives that there was likely to be extra residential development in Romsey all of which would lead to even greater traffic pressures on Junction 3 of the M27, so care should be taken to allow for further enhancements in the future. Phil Bundy also asked if new Motorway signage was to be put in place for it to correctly sign Nursling Estate and drop the word industrial.

County Council Leader Roy Perry who is CountyCouncillor for Romsey Extra added his welcome to the current proposals but said further enhancements would be needed. He says

The recent Marine and Maritime report from Rear Admiral Rob Stevens supplementing the Solent Strategic Plan makes strong calls for improvements to J9 on the M3 and for improvements to the Redbridge Roundabout as the M3 and M271 are the export gateway from the Midlands to the Port of Southampton. However, J3 is also a major part of that route. We welcome this current proposed pinch point improvement but it is only a step in the right direction and a bigger enhancement will be needed