Why I joined

Nick Michell

As someone who works in a successful family business, the father of a young family, and life-long resident of Romsey, I joined the Conservatives because only this party has the local and national policies relevant to the concerns I have. In Romsey, I was represented in Parliament and locally by the Liberal Democrats for many years. I was often disappointed with their big promises, record of non-delivery and an inability to explain what they stand for. What they say locally often contrasts what they say in London, and the way their eMP managed her expenses showed a complete disregard for tapayers money. How can we trust politicians who accept large sums of money from their landlord in return for charging us more in expenses?

My family owned company employs a large number of people in Romsey and I know first-hand the positive difference the business-friendly polices the Conservative Party are implementing are having. Over a million new private sector jobs have been created since 2010. Cutting down on red-tape has saved businesses more than 3bn, boosting economic growth and enabling companies like mine to employ more local people. The Conservative Party is aiming to produce the most competitive corporate tax regime in the G20. That is why under the leadership of David Cameron, unemployment has fallen in both Romsey and nationally, and the burden of debt Labour left us with is drastically reduced.

As a father of a young family, education is a major concern for me. I am therefore delighted that the Conservative Party is implementing policies which will set teachers free to teach, empower local communities to have a greater say in the education of our children, and see standards genuinely rise. Locally, it is Hampshire County Council, run by the Conservatives, who in education are one of the UK’s best delivering councils. Rising standards and falling costs – a central part of the Conservative approach to local Government.

As a local resident, I am frustrated with local politicians saying they will deliver, but never doing so. It is often the little things which matter most – such as the main road near my house, where cars speed up and down, and where the police express exasperation to local residents that nothing can be done. I am therefore delighted it is the Conservative Government which is looking at ways to enable local residents to tackle speeding.

I would encourage anyone who believes in working hard, fair-play, justice, supporting those in need and wanting to see standards of public services rise to join the Conservatives. Together we can repair the damage, and tax and spend policies which have created poverty, injustice and crippled the next generation with a life-time of debt. Only the Conservatives have the policies which are right for this country, and I want to be part of an Association committed to seeing those polices implimeted.